A generative 3D art audio reactive script developed with Javascript and HMT5 award winner at the as best experiment website.

The resonance box website

The code generate forms and patterns reacting to the frequencies of the music or microphone input and the user's mouse movement using algorithms and functions like :

for (var i = 0; i < squares.length; i++) {
squares[i].rotation.z = freq1 / 100 * i + de2ra(45);
squares[i].scale.x = squares[i].scale.y = (freq1/audio) + 0.1;

Generative 3D art audio reactive with Javascript and HMT5 developed using the libraries Three JS and Web Audio API produced by Fabio Luis.

Click here to play with the box

The resonance box soundtrack

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1 - Be on a desktop with latest Chrome
2 - Raise up the volume
3 - Visit
4 - Be patient …

*The Microphone option needs Chrome. Download it here.