"Basically, I love to give rhythm to beautiful and meanful things."

Fabio luis Amaral

I am a web developer, 3D designer, video editor and electronic music producer, also involved also with game develpment, augmented reality, audiovisual performance, deejaying and any digital upcomming technology that can produced sounds or images.

In 1997, after 2 years studing at the Federal Universiy of Enginer in Itajubá, I decided to move to São Paulo and I started my graduation to the ESPM - Superior School of Marketing in São Paulo ,which I would finish in 2001

While at the ESPM, I become part of the internal TV and added to my CV an extension course in Typography and Graphic Design and some short courses in video, post production, direction and produced a short movie.

Since my graduation I have been constantly working and studing digital media as described bellow on my job experience. Having always my personal, art and music projects running together.

TV ESPM / Brazil

Video editor and post producer

Working with Avid and Media 100 Composer and Betacam. I was responsible to put together all the internal TV programs including documentaries, interviews and promo videos together with a senior editor. I also learned to design and animate the titles , third letters and intros for the programs.

Black Filmes / Brazil

Motion graphics designer

Working as assistant of the international renamed Brazilian Director Afonso Poyart. We producted a large range of TV commercials for big brazilian and international companies as Petrobas and Burger King. I after three years I became a post effects specialist working with softwares like Adobe After Effects, Maya 3D, Studio Max.

Anima Studios / Greece

Director of interactive media

After move to Greece, I was contract by the small greek company to be the resposible the new Interative and Video Studio. I have been doing local commercial and supervising a team of designers. After a couple of year. I begin to move in direction of the interactive media, doing projects for Internet and DVD interfaces. At this time I begin to study web develoment and coding.

JMS Group / UK

Motion graphics designer

The JMS group was founded by the BBC presenter and directorJohn Mountford, and after year it become a strong presend at the Norfolk TV in the UK. I was the main Motion Graphic designer. Working with Cinema 4D and After effects. I produced 3D products and special effects for TV commercials.

Estúdio OKA / Brazil

Director of interactive media

After leaving the UK and the JMS group. I was invited to become partner at the Brazilian company Cabeca OKA, which would become the Estúdio OKA. I am working with UI design and Web development with Javascript, Node and PHP and game develpment with Unity, C# and Blender.

Featured Gigs

2002 Land of Wonders Festival - Egypt , 2006 Indian Spirit - DE , 2009 Fire Gathering Festival - UK , 2009 Festinho Festival - UK , 2010 Life Celebration Festival - Croatia , 2010 Mystic Tribe Festival - Brazil , 2010 303 Art Festival - Brazil , 2011 Universo Parallelo Festival - Brazil , 2012 Legalize Festival - Greece , 2012 Tree of Life Festival - Turkey , 2012 1200meters Festival - Greece , 2012 Tangra Festival - Bulgaria , 2013 Tree of Life Festival - Turkey , 2013 Trangra Festival - Bulgaria , 2013 Halkidiki Dance Festival - Greece , 2013 Nature Earth Festival - Croatia, 2016 Water Tower Art Fest - Sofia - Bulgaria , 2016 Free Earth Festival - Greece , 2017 Natural High - Etnica - Greece , 2017 Tree of Life Festival - Greece , 2017 Natural High - Luna Rave - Greece, 2017 Open September 6 - Vault Theatre Plus - Athens - Greece , 2017 Aisxilia Festival / Industrial Revival - Eleusina - Greece, 2017 Kimolos Visual Art Walk / Kimolos - Greece , 2018 Free Earth Festival - Greece , 2019 - Psygressive - Sensient - Greece